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"surf_func" is a function delegate that takes two doubles as inputs and returns a double


Contour(double max_x, double min_x, double max_y, double min_y, int img_w, int img_h) - sets the range to evaluate the contours on as well as the resolution of the bmp


create_contour(surf_func func) - creates the contour map of the delegate function "func"
create_contour(ref Type script, ref string name) - creates contour map of a CodeDom compiled object with the given name
save_img(string filename) - saves the contour as a .bmp with the given name

Utility Methods

create_bmp() - takes the function values and maps them to a color space and colors the pixels appropriately
maxmin(ref double[] vals, ref double max_val, ref double min_val) - sets the max and min values of an array ignoring Infinities and NaNs.

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